Hello there, welcome to our blog! We are the thorns: a generally excitable group of friends who enjoy writing about fun things that make us happy. Thank you for visiting our blog, we hope you like it. Wishing you a happy day!

Hi, I’m Shi Mei! I love traveling, baking, blogging, food, Twilight movies, my National Geographic bag packs, Lonely Planet guidebooks, trashy romance novels, not-as-trashy fantasy novels, TV and general happiness. I hate that I love running (although I’m not much good at it). I would love to and halfheartedly strive to be as glam as Kate Middleton, but that isn’t going to happen in the near future. Or ever, in fact. But most of the time, I’m fine with who I am (as long as I’m never the same as anyone else).

Salut! I am Stacy. I like cake, playing air guitar, and pretending to be Freddie Mercury when I am alone in my room. My aim in life is to be part of National Geographic, though I am not very sure how I am going to achieve that. I am working on improving my reading and writing and overcoming my undiagnosed reading impairment, also known as the mental block “I read frickin slow”. Mentioning this probably isn’t going to help. Also, Alex Perchov from Everything Is Illuminated is my role model, because he is a premium man. I am convinced that my spirit animal is the Orca. Orcas are pretty badass.


Hello I’m Amirah! I share the same birthday as Shakespeare and the ex-world record holder for cup stacking. I love my fat cat, reality tv, my friends, really bad pop music, really bad black/rap music, zombie movies, Modern Family, two door cinema club, harry potter and jesse mccartney circa 2004. My ultimate role model is Rebel Wilson. I should probably be more embarrassed to admit this (I’M NOT!! NEVARRR!!!) but I am a #belieberfolyfe. If you don’t want to be my friend after reading this, I understand.

Hello! I’m Arathi! I am a very noisy person. I am almost constantly talking, even if nobody is listening to me (which happens more often than I’d like sigh) My musical interests are thereabout the same as my Dad considering I’m stuck in the past. I loveee The Beatles, cause I grew up with them and I feel that their songs have a kind of originality, flair, sincerity and plain brilliance that is hard to find in most songs nowadays. I love Harry Potter, and I almost always have an open tab of trashy HP fanfiction on my phone. I read a lot, love my kindle to bits. I’m quite idealistic and I like to live in my bubble of rainbows and butterflies. My favourite person is the world is my brother. I love watching American TV (HIMYM, Modern Family, Community, Awkward etc.) I can get pretty obsessive about things. I haven’t really decided what I want to be in the future, but right now, journalism is calling (:





Heng Yeng




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