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Because today is a holiday and because our excellent number of views have dwindled to 6 a day…I am here to shake things up!!! (Despite having like my history term paper to do??) (god I’m so dedicated.)

So I once posted this on my old blog but then I closed down that blog and anyway I have reevaluated my rankings and kicked Bill Clinton off that list. (His DNC speech left a huge impact on me ok.)


5) Jared Leto

40 years old

Lead singer of 30 seconds to Mars/Actor/Sexy Old Person

He fell to number 5 because of this:

it’s for a movie but anyway, he is not rocking the drag. Still, he made the list!!

4) Denzel Washington

58 years old

“You beautiful chocolate man, you look like Denzel Washington!”

I added Denzel Washington because I realised my old list as full of only white people?!? Which is like blasphemous because I totally love black people. They are so cool plus they age better right?? Denzel also made the list because he is totally a family man and he brought his daughter to the debutante ball according to Teen Vogue. Or was that Forest Whitaker… (oh shit it’s Forest Whitaker..I just checked..well, still.)

3) Agent Hotchner/ Thomas Gibson

50 years old

HELLO!!!! How can you not love Hotch?? He is so super cool and like calm all the time and serious and like so smart and omg I DIED in that reaper episode when his wife was murdered. Hotch is totally my favourite character after Morgan and Reid. (Because i like geeky boys and black men more than I like handsome old people)


2) Pierce Brosnan

59 years old

MY FAVOURITE BOND!!! Not like I’ve ever seen a Bond film…not even Skyfall!!! (I know.) But I bet if I did, he’d still be my favourite Bond. I even found it within myself to forgive him for his horrendous singing in Mamma Mia because he is such a handsome old person!!!

2) (we have two number twos because I couldn’t bear to kick any of them off my list)

Hugh Jackman

43 years old

Not only is he Wolverine but like I said before he is always being photographed carrying his kids around, he is such a good father!!! Also as I mentioned in my old post: His wife is a normal-looking lady not some sexy demon fox kind (like Angelina Jolie which is why Brad Pitt is not on this list. Anyway, aside from that Brad Pitt also has a beard which makes him look homeless.) so I like him more!!

1) HUGH GRANT!!!!!

52 years old

Despite the appalling number of baby mamas Hugh Grant has I still absolutely love him!!! Like when I stumbled across the shop they used to film Notting Hill while I was in London I DIED I absolutely loved him in Notting Hill!!! And can you IMAGINE living in a country with him as your PM like in Love Actually?!?!? Oh I love Hugh Grant. My sis had a Hugh Grant marathon once and I remember I half-watched Four Weddings and a Funeral and some other movies and I loved all of them. He is so witty and British and handsome!!!


I loved him in 27 Dresses and Enchanted and especially in 30 Rock!!! OMG HE IS SUCH A CUTE OLD PERSON LIZ LEMON IS SO LUCKY. Ok now my list is complete. Idk where he’d rank though, I am inclined to put him as the top handsome old person but then again, he is 39 and the youngest old person on this list so that would be unfair… I guess he’ll probably be tied at number two too..

oh yes anyway, the reason I wanted to do this post again was mostly to share with ya’ll how Aragorn from LoTR looks like now. I showed Clara yesterday and she was horrified.

Let us remind ourselves of how good Aragorn looked like once:

and now:

So yes, congratulations those who made the list, you have aged well. At least better than the King of Gondor sigh )’:


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