Hi everyone!!! I just got back from Bangkok yesterday after a trip I took with my father and my friend Ashley. Before I blog about it, here is a short photo diary made out of all the photos I posted on instagram. I turned into a GIANT instagram whore during the trip and I was instagramming everything because I wanted to seem happening.

Before boarding


Hotel toilet

Mango sticky rice from the MBK food court – hands down my favorite Thai dessert

Fresh ice cream making

My fresh belgian chocolate ice cream

Mini pancakes + maple syrup from the breakfast buffet

A Bug’s Life – me & my fake raybans

Pregnancy test dispensers at Platinum Mall

After shopping & lunch

First and last time in a tuk-tuk – a harrowing experience

Shopping haul!!

At healthland after getting Thai massages

Lemongrass fries

Papaya salad

Themed toilet at Terminal 21

On the water taxi

Part of a mural in the palace

Palace guard statue

Fried chicken wrapped in pandan leaf

Pineapple rice in a pineapple

And that’s all! Stay tuned for my post about my trip!


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