Watch Me

Ok so now that we’re in JC and noone really gives a shit about handphone rules anymore, I have made a startling realization: No one wears watches.

This may be a generalization but you know its sort of true!! The number of watch-wearers have been dwindling, especially amongst girls! Everyone just checks their phone now and then to see the time before putting it aside because it’s just more practical, and convenient, and your wrists don’t get sweaty… No, you know what that is? That’s sad.

Ok fine..I too am one of those sad i’ll-just-use-my-phone-as-a-watch souls; but making this observation totally makes me feel like jumping back on the watch bandwagon!

Watches are so underrated right now. More than just a practical instrument; it’s an accessory!!

watch me
La Mer leather band watch, 135 SGD / Nixon , 92 SGD / Anne Klein jewelry, 80 SGD / Cartierjewelry, 33,835 SGD / Isabel Marant gold jewelry, 11,325 SGD / Liz Claiborne vintage style jewelry, 49 SGD
I call for a watch revolution! I know our iPhones can tell us the time but can they be this cute? No. And above all else: Wearing a watch just makes you look smarter doesn’t it!!