Special Feature

Halloween : Ramalama ( Bang Bang )

Hello all! (:

Yay, first post ever! Sooo, it was halloween last week and although I didn’t get to go trick-or-treating, a bunch of us got together to do something exciting nonetheless!

Well, a few weeks back, Carrissa, Clara, Rosemarie and I attended a Broadway Jazz Open Class @ O’School by Bryan Lee. ( WHO WE LOVE SO MUCH! ♥ )

We learnt a choreography to Ramalama ( Bang Bang ) by Roisin Murphy and it was so halloween-worthy and zombie-like that we simply HAD to cover it for this special occassion!

So on the 31st October, we met up after school at about 6.30pm to prepare for the filming of our Halloween dance video. It was ALOT of makeup, spray paint and sweat I must say.

Here’s what we eventually ended up with after about an hour! ( Yes, we are alive and sane. )

Carrissa – No eyebrows all!

Chanel a.k.a. Me – With five bullet shots!

Clara – Freakishly scary big-eyed doll!

Rosemarie – Prettiest zombie ever!

We all got super scared looking and taking photos of each other hahaha, but it was tons of funnn!

Experimented with a few group shots before we started filming our video! ( Before the sweat kicks in. )

( Pardon my lame captions. )

” We’ll be watching you. “

” Can’t… control… our bodies. “

” Waiting for unsuspecting victims. “

Then, we went on to film a couple of short clips for our video introduction and rehearsed the choreography with formations done by pro WeiHing!

And FINALLY, we did three takes of our dance and compiled it into the final product below! * CLAP CLAP CLAP * Hope you guys will like it!

A very BIG THANK YOU to Bryan for teaching us this wonderful choreography and WeiHing for staying back to help us with filming and formations! We couldn’t have done it without them!

To conclude, A VERY HAPPY HALLOWEEN and do look forward to our future videos! (:

Lots of Love,

Chanel ♥


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