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Halloween celebrations in my school were on Saturday. It was the best Halloween ever. (Sunday, on the other hand, was total shit. I overslept (or rather I switched off my alarm and plopped back on my bed), went for lunch, slept, tried to do work, slept while trying to do work, went to dinner late, tried to do work again, fell asleep again, decided I was a disgrace to the world and said goodnight) People really dressed up – I was impressed by many, and unfortunately scarred for life by some. There were fireworks (literally) and the Saturday night disco was actually fun. I actually danced. To shit music. And liked it. I think it was only due to the coincidence of multiple obnoxious factors. Obnoxious Halloween outfits + obnoxious music + obnoxious dance moves (thank you, Bollywood) = fun. Today was Suit Up day. The boys looked pretty dapper in their suits but I felt the theme was a little unfair to the girls because it ended up for us more like a look-like-you-have-a-boring-office-job kinda thing. Also, as a boarder, I do not have that much choice in dressing up.  (Never really bothered actually… My bad.)

The only thing that would have made it better was if I actually made the effort to dress up. I have just come to the sad realisation that I have spent all my halloweens from the age of about 7 thinking of people to dress up as for the next one. I have never actually participated in one. Rather, I’ve always been the boring passive bystander who dresses in black and sheepishly tries to defend this sad excuse for “effort”. (“yeah, I like, only wear black on Halloween, so don’t tell me I didn’t try?!”) This sux. Oh well, I have created a shortlist, gathered from all my previous years’ mini-lists, of people I want to dress up as next year in my lifetime. Hopefully this will give ~you~ inspiration on how to look totally bitchin’ and make everyone jealous. But since it’s Halloween, no one is gonna want any of yo sugar, because… Duh. (If you didn’t get that joke (yes, it was a joke), please hang your head in shame.)

1. Freddie Mercury. Someone in my school actually dressed up as him. NOW WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?! I shall never forgive myself.

2. Yoko Ono. Partially because I have long hair and thus only need to wear a big white shapeless thing (I’m thinking Yoko Ono & John Lennon doing their bed protest against the Vietnam War.) (It would be cool if someone could dress up as John Lennon. Or Jesus.) (MAYBE I COULD BE JOHN LENNON!!)

3. A Plains Indian. Preferably a Comanche war chief. (I’m still in the process of creating my badass name) NO, NOT POCAHONTAS – She is merely a shallow gimmick representative of the numerous rich and complex cultures that Disney has oversimplified and superficialised for the sake of children’s entertainment. (HAVE U SEEN ALADDIN?! Please read this… or I’ll cut off your ear cus I don’t like your face. That’s right.) Yes, Halloween gives you the excuse to be a hypocrite. (I kinda feel bad now but I really have been inspired by the Empire of the Summer Moon)

4. ALEX PERCHOV. Premium. Enough said. (Bonus points: If you happen to have a border collie, it could be your seeing eye bitch)

5. A stuffed olive – à la Georgia in Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. Admit it. You love that movie, and were immediately struck by the genius of Georgia in dressing up as an olive stuffed with pimento. Pretty sure that would make my life complete.

That’s all for now. If you can’t go trick or treating because your neighbourhood doesn’t celebrate Halloween or PW is a bitch you could just have your own Halloween party!! Just ask any of my friends they are excellent theme party planners haha. (You don’t say)

Not so sure if this is what Mira expects to come under the category of “Fashion” but then again she wrote about that H&MxMMM thing. Yeah if you can’t make a Halloween outfit cuz you are artistically challenged (like me, sadly) or can’t find one, just head to H&M and get those weird clothes. Problem solved.


One thought on “Halloween

  1. I love seeing everybody get dressed up on Halloween. It’s so much fun! Also, please go as a stuffed olive next year! I cannot believe how much I love that movie, especially that part. Who wants to wear lingerie on Halloween anyways? I’d rather be a stuffed olive (or maybe a stuffed pepper! Who knows!).

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