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Zoom On Skates


 Roller skating has always been a favourite past time. In fact, in America, this hobby was most popular in the 1970s and the 1990s. What happened to those good ol’ days? Now everybody’s just rushing everywhere around Singapore in cars and MRT (fine fine those are definitely better mode of transport). But people should really try and mesmerize themselves with the art of roller skating and try to pick up the skill. Its like learning how to cycle; once you know how to cycle, you cannot forget that skill.

In fact, my brother and I are becoming crazy over rollerblading after all these years of not roller skating, we finally owned ourselves a pair of skates!!!! YAYY! And yes, it costs a lot but there is so much you can do with roller skating; it gives you thrill and helps to destress (I think) Inline skating in the rain is much more thrilling and spice up your life a bit ^.^ Meanwhile, you can scream out loud (if you don’t fear others looking at you) and just have fun and fool around with your skates!

The designs of roller blades are also super intricate and nice! I think it is definitely worth it to invest in such a gear though there is a need to find time to use them for leisure.

At the same time, Singapore encourages one to practice in such a leisure sport (okay, more like they encourage cycling). There are cycling paths around Woodlands that enables cyclist/ skaters to go from one place to another. The designated pathways make it so much more convenient for everybody and well, lesser obstruction and hindrance in my opinion.

Here is a cool video of inline skating tricks

p.s. sorry for the pixelated pictures (and if this post is considered boring)


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