So I tried googling the definition of formspring or something but I ended up with:

Formspring is a questions and answers website, launched in November 2009. The site allows its users to set up a profile page, from which anyone can ask them questions and also post comments. The questions and their given answers are then published on the user’s profile page.

That wasn’t exactly the kind of definition ~feel~ I was looking for, but it seems that none other definitions exist.

Anyway, I don’t think anyone ever clicks on our ‘ask us’ page. I guess it isn’t appealing enough? As such, we have an announcement to make:


Formspring is a great place to ask us questions regarding anything and everything, and all the questions will be answered accordingly by the person who is most expert in the area (as expert as we get here at Thorny Issues really, which isn’t much). For example, Heather & Chanel are extremely eager to answer fashion questions and Heng Yeng & I welcome any questions about baking! And of course, Mira is probably dying to hand out One Direction trivia…

We’ll be answering our questions in a variety of ways: on the formspring page, this blog (for those frequently asked questions) as well as videos for the special questions! Feel free to give us comments on how we can improve our blog too, we are extremely open to feedback 🙂

So hurry down to and ask questions now!!


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