I’m a strong believer in the merits of cookie therapy. No matter what people say about how it isn’t healthy to eat your feelings (in fact, my constantly skyrocketing my weight testifies to this very fact), biting into a warm, fresh-from-the-oven cookie, experiencing the evolution in texture from the crunch of the crispy outside to the pillow of the soft centre always makes me feel slightly better and somehow feel that even though the going gets rough, it isn’t that bad when we have cookies to eat.

I’m a cookie kinda girl, just I think like Heng Yeng is a cupcake girl. Sure, I’ve baked macarons, cupcakes, layer cakes, brownies, bars (not pies though, strangely), but cookies will always be my favourite to bake. They don’t have half as much of a wow factor and don’t photograph as well as cupcakes or layer cakes, but they’re unassuming, easygoing, very on-the-go and undeniably yummy. While these characteristics result in them not exactly being event-appropriate or impressive, they do make cookies my favourite baked good. (I’ve never been much for appearances anyway.) And of all cookie flavours (believe me, I’ve baked almost every single flavour that smitten kitchen has posted about and lots more), oatmeal chocolate chip is by far my favourite. Melty and decadent chocolate chips (although they weren’t always decadent – the quality of chocolate chip does make a difference) paired with the heartiness of oatmeal along with the caramelly background that the high brown to white sugar ratio brings to a cookie – of course oatmeal chocolate chip would be the alpha of the pack that is cookie flavours.

As we get older, most of us grow up, mature and evolve. I know my wardrobe has certainly evolved over the years. But it’s not just my clothes or looks or height that have changed over the years – I think my baking habits have undergone evolution too. Actually, now that I think about it, remembering the times when I was 12 and baking for my teachers upon my graduation from primary school and I couldn’t even get mix cookies right (I wince as I remember the uneasy smiles on my teachers’ faces in my head), I know that I’ve evolved. With experience and increasing confidence (although I would never call myself good baker – at least not for a long, long time), I have begun to experiment with newer, more exciting and unique flavours. Browned butter! Spices other than cinnamon! Peppermint extract! And, it seems, the latest in my foray into the world of weird tastes, coconut.

I feel like a coconut oatmeal chocolate chip cookie is a bit like my 6-year-old self preparing for my graduation from kindergarten, excitedly drowning my chubby cheeks in my mother’s blush. Coconut is such a grown-up flavour! But you know, just like my 6-year-old self, for this moment, the cookie can pretend that it’s all grown up, but it’s still young at heart.

While the coconut oatmeal chocolate chip cookie isn’t about to usurp oatmeal chocolate chip’s position anytime soon, it is an interesting and unique spin on an old favourite. Coconut is a rather subjective taste – I’m pretty sure that these cookies aren’t gonna be placed in the cookie flavour Hall of Fame in the near future. However, coconut does make for a fun and surprising cookie that one should bake at least once in their lifetime.

KISSES, Shi Mei!!

*sorry for the poor photographs, iPhones are so irresistibly convenient

**recipe adapted from pinch my salt


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