so I’ve been forced to write my very first post, or Proposal Cupcakes

Every single time I happen to sit anywhere near the girl for a lecture in LT6, Amirah has unfailingly pestered me about posting on thorny issues. And my response is that NOTHING happens to me there is NOTHING interesting in my life to write about!!!!! And she says, just do some post about your baking!!!

So yes. To appease her, here is my very first WordPress post about my latest baking endeavor. (Endeavor is too big a word it implies some sort of significance + importance + great effort, none of which can is applicable here so can someone maybe give me a better word? ): )

A week or two ago Clara whatsapped us in a state of great excitement about her brother’s imminent wedding proposal and asked us to go and help her with the decorations (: Which is super exciting because I am a die-hard romantic and weddings and proposals and the lot are just so cute!!!! ^.^ Plus her brother’s idea was so romantic and exciting with lots of red roses and serenading (‘: But I’m not exactly the artistic decorating type so I instead volunteered my (amateur) baking services. (Can I just say here how it’s so nice and reassuring that there are still wonderful cutesy romantic proposals going on in Singapore when a lot of people are just going with the “Let’s get a HDB flat together!” way. If my future wedding proposal involves registration for HDB flats, THERE WILL BE NO WEDDING. NO. WEDDING.)

The theme for the proposal was black, white and red and I did cupcakes because Clara has this ridiculous thing about cake. She likes eating cupcakes but she abhors cake, which is SUPREMELY illogical considering they are exactly the same, just in different shapes. We’ve all told her countless times how it’s the SAME BATTER but she has this strange cake idiosyncrasy.

Okay I know y’all don’t actually care for all my rambling above so here are photos & apologies in advance for the lousy shots & camera quality:


Dark chocolate cupcakes fresh out of the oven! (the bride-to-be’s favorite flavor (: )


Getting ready to frost my cupcakes


Dark chocolate cupcakes with vanilla SMB (or Swiss Meringue Buttercream)


Red rose cupcakes (yes I know they’re more like dark pink and not red BOO but I didn’t want to use any more coloring than I already did)


Bride & Groom cupcakes!


A close-up of the Bride & Groom cupcakes

Basically I just rolled out white, black and red fondant and pretty much whacked my way through cutting up tuxedo and wedding gown shaped pieces. I’m not entirely sure about the tuxedo??? Made a mistake with freezing the fondant though, because that just made it all melty (at these times I particularly hate Singapore’s ridiculous humidity!!!) and that’s why they’re so shiny )’:


The end product…I really hope they liked it!!!

Cheers everyone now it’s back to wasting my life away on the Internet and in front of the TV. (:


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