Cute Boys

Gorgeous George

I realise that whenever I have a new obsession, I take it upon myself to shove it in everyone’s faces until some of my friends actually start liking whichever cute boy i am currently searching as a tag on tumblr, resulting in me feeling very accomplished and pleased with myself.

This then leads me to the conclusion that I truly am a cute boy evangelist.

Therefore, this cute boy evangelist will be enlightening all of you today on the beauty that is George Shelley.

George Shelley is so cute even his name is cute. He has nice curly hair that doesn’t look as homeless-looking as Harry’s and he has very sharp cheekbones. Many fangirls, after my intensive research (scouring through posts on tumblr tagged with ‘Union J’ and ‘George Shelley’) have described him as the lovechild of Harry and Louis which I find rather disturbing but ok I get where they are coming from. However I think a more accurate description of George, is the brother of Miranda Cosgrove (a reference I also got from tumblr). Once you see this, you can’t unsee it. I can already imagine some straight-to-tv movie being made starring both of them as long-lost intercontinental twins and like Miranda can bump into him on like some school excursion to England. It’ll be like Parent Trap meets The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

Anyway, George is a member of Union J, a boyband I am rooting for on X Factor UK, who may not be the best but are definitely the cutest in the competition. They did pretty well this week so I was very proud of them. Also you should be proud of me because I resisted trying to get them to follow me this week when they were doing their following spree. This was mostly because I concluded that there was a breaking point to all friendships and I was certain that having a repeat incident of my last week “WHY WON’T YOU FREAKING FOLLOW ME?!” freakout on twitter would be too much.

Now please enjoy this gif of George eating a french fry.

xx mira


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